PPR-C Pipe & Fitting

PPR-C Pipes & Fitting


High Standard Pipe Company manufactures Polypropylene Random Copolymer (PPR-C) Pipes for hot/cold water installations.

Our PPR-C pipes are made of the highest quality PPR-C material, which is tested under extreme conditions & conforms to global quality standards for quality; our PPRC pipes are reliable & designed to give levels of performance in the face of the harshest of elements. Conforming to world-class standards of quality, they are extremely reliable & offer convenient & reliable installation in any plumbing system.

Our PPR-C Pipes has an excellent heat stability and corrosion resistance featuring no deformation, no fading and aging, longer operating life, which makes our PPR-C pipes the most reliable plumbing system for the hot and cold water applications, our PPR-C pipes could be utilized in a variety of applications such as:

Portable Water Pipes networks for Cold and Hot water installations i.e. in residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, offices and school buildings etc.
Pipes networks for rainwater utilization systems
Pipes networks for swimming pool facilities
Pipes networks for solar plants
Pipes networks in agriculture and horticulture
Heating Pipes for residential houses
Pipes networks for industry i.e. transport of aggressive fluids (acids, leys, etc)
Insertion pipe Relining


Our PPR-C pipes provide a large number of benefits in handling cold and hot water; amongst many of its features are:
Heat preservation and energy saving abilities. The heat conductivity of PPR-C pipes is much lesser than metals and hence offers significantly high levels of heat preservation for transported fluids.
Long durability due to the high resistance to aggressive elements, which gives the pipes extremely long service life.
Easy connectivity over a complex network.
No perforation caused by electrical currents.
No furring while cutting.
Cost effective pipeline network.
Safe environment with recyclable ability.
Incomparable smooth and porosity – free internal surface of both pipes and fittings, which results in a very low pressure loss
Nontoxic and Physiologically harmless material
Resistance to bacteriological attack thus enabling safe potable water transfers.
Resistance to wide range of chemicals and so corrosion avoided in service lines.
Good impact strength so as to be used in all environments and around buildings.
High acoustic insulation against fluid noise. The fluid flow and hydraulic shocks within the building create the noise which can be very well avoided by the noise absorption ability of PPRC materials.
Light weight compared to the metallic piping systems (1/9 of the steel specific gravity).
Convenient and reliable installation methods increasing labor productivity and significant cost savings.