Most of our managerial operations will be handled from High Standard Pipes factory and main office in Kabul. We also have distribution centers and representative in different locations of Afghanistan to operate the local operation.

The management plans on forming a team of trained engineers and technicians for providing technical assistance to our client.  

HSP has the following departments:

  • Factory
  • Administrative Department
  • Finance department
  • HR Department
  • Logistics Department
  • Marketing and Sales Department

Our management and administrative staff have professional knowledge to perform all HSP activities in an effective and timely manner.

HSP has the following boards and committee:

  • Executive board consist of executive managers
  • Policy making board , consists of general director, executive managers and volunteers
  • Consultative and advisory board
  • Objective based task force committee

The executive Board which consists of the head of the departments meets weekly and discusses the any ongoing issues and makes decisions on the functionality of the departments and factory as well.

Policy making board consists of the member of executive board, head of departments and head of factory is responsible for following:

  • To write down the organization policies and strategies
  • To design any policy , strategy, and organizational goal’s change according to the demand of the market
  • To make long term decision and make long term strategies accordingly
  • To design conflict resolution plan for the company extensively
  • To design development plans for the company and factory
  • Anticipate any industrial change or policy change in government and to suggest solutions