Marketing Strategy

  • Establishment of active sales agencies in all over the country
  • Price equableness in all around the country
  • Start and implement strong and active media communication strategies
  • Conduct Seminars, Conferences, short term trainings and presentations on national and international level to introduce the production and quality of our products and its utilizing benefits to all technical organizations, of governmental and non-governmental, customers, supplier and donors.

Service Strategy

  • Complete market coverage all over the country by establishing production units, sales and customer services centers
  • Extend and develop post project implementation services of all kinds
  • Implementation of internationally standard water supply projects within the country

Promotional Strategy

The (HSP) company will actively promote its brands to increase visibility in the market and becomes a prominent manufacturing company, for this purposes we shall utilize the following procedures.

  • The HSP Company in support of the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency will conduct conferences; seminars and information exhibition to disseminate there market development strategies and innovative changes within its products and services for prime donors, contractor’s, stakeholders, International customers and procurement agencies. We will also be involved with the local Chambers of Commerce, City Council and any other group that will allow for company exposure.
  • The HSP company will prepare a group of marketing and sales agents, who will reach to different customers, construction firms, government agencies, local and international bodies to promote our products and services, for this purpose company will prepare booklets, brochures, product catalogues, banners and flyer that will contain companies history and background information, product details, contact information and any other relevant information that will allow the company to introduce its business.
  • The HSP Company will utilize advertising agency services, such as advertisement and will broadcast this information on local national television channels

Pricing Strategy

The HSP Company will adopt such pricing tactics that shall allow the company to expand its operations in Afghanistan, for this purpose we may utilize the following procedure

  • The HSP company have introduced suitable  prices than the competitors prices in order to get more orders known as market penetration pricing strategy
  • The HSP company will introduce special offers on certain contracts such as free of cost installations, training programs, and free of cost logistical support at lower scale projects, this will allow company to get potential projects at the beginning and expand its operation in the local market
  • HSP Company will design credit policies, which shall be another tactic to grow its business

Production Strategy

  • Increase 4 more PVC, Poly vinyl chloride production machinery in the factory
  • Increase the production rate of HDPE from 4,000 metric tons/year to 10,000 metric tons/year by acquire sufficient supply of raw material for HDPE
  • Increase the production range of PVC from 3,000 metric tons/year to 15,000 metric tons/year by acquiring additional machineries and sufficient supply of raw material
  • Start the production of PRR-C, Polypropylene Random Copolymer, and acquire sufficient supply of raw material
  • Produce complete range of PVC Fittings, by acquiring additional mould injection
  • Produce complete range of HDPE Fittings, by acquiring additional mould injection
  • Produce complete range of PPRC Fittings, by acquiring additional mould injection
  • Start the production of Cauraget for sewerage systems from 200mm sizes to 2 meters sizes