Afghanistan is a fast growing emerging market of strategic importance close to some of the largest and fastest-growing markets in the world which offers a pro-business minded environment with legislation favorable to private investments, therefore due to the suitable environment for the investors the trend appears to be gradually growing in industrialization and manufacturing organizations.  Afghanistan is a major consumer and importer of various construction materials in the region and the major part of this import is the material, equipments and supplementary instruments for water supply system, sewerage collection system and electrical network.

Disadvantages of Imports in the industrialization development of Afghanistan:

For years our country had been the only good market for our neighboring countries, Iran and Pakistan, and some other international industries unfortunately our market is full of goods from these countries which are of a bad or low quality including food, clothe, machineries, industrial tools and equipment’s.

Pipes of all kind has been the need for our traditional and technical , private and governmental projects and even households and all pipes are being imported from neighboring countries and this have had the following negative impacts on our country:

1-Impact on our Economy:

  • The money which is very essential to be used and revolved for the economic growth of our country is escaping from our hands into the pocket of the manufacturers of neighboring and international countries
  • Prevents the development and growing of manufacturing and industrialization in the country

2-Impact on our Human Resource Development

  • constriction in effective utilization of human resources
  • constriction in the development of the human resources skills, knowledge and capacities
  • constriction in industrial thinking
  • Results in bringing more joblessness to the afghan society

Advantages of Manufacturing and Industrialization in our country:

The HSP Company holds a promise of strengthening and building upon existing infrastructure and capacity that will help to move the country to industrialization, and also there is considerable room to increase the economic impact of the country through various investments in manufacturing and production business.

As a result the industrialization process will:

  • Gradually bring growth to the economic basis of the society
  • Bring more job opportunities for the people our country
  • Bring the idea of industrialization to the country
  • Decrease the import of the low quality products from neighboring countries

In order to fulfill this promise High Standard Pipe (HSP) Company started with a initiative of establishing its manufacturing services in the year 2008 for the production of various types of pipes, fittings and services in the country, Which Include:

  • HDPE, High Density Poly Ethylene Pipes and fittings
  • PVC, Poly Vinyl Chloride Pipes and fittings
  • PRR-C, Polypropylene Random Copolymer Pipes and fittings
  • Joins butt welding (HDPE)
  • Mould Coasted (PVC)